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What other place in the world has the unspoilt natural resources as New Zealand does? Its small, relaxed but so diverse. Everything you might find elsewhere in the world, you can find right here in this little giant paradise.

When planning your New Zealand tour, you might look at a map and think it looks just like two islands, North and South. But what it doesn’t show is how different they are from each other and how much is in between. There is over 600 other islands and it is the 9th longest coastline in the world with 15,000 km. From the tropical north to the cooler south, New Zealand is graced with empty golden beaches and crystal clear waters, forest covered mountains for trekking and skiing, glaciers itching their way down the valleys to the picturesque lakes and the vast Fiords of the remote south to the rolling farmland.

It doesn’t end there with just nature, but it’s also about the people who leave you with long lasting friendships. What other place in the world has a farm shop with a lonely tin bucket to leave your payment. The people are diverse as much as the land itself and as one, they bring a whole new idea to food and cuisine.

A young country that has taken the ways of old and given them a new life. Whether it is wineries, agriculture, good old kiwi lamb, to a way of life. It’s packed from head to toe with nature, fun, action-packed adventures, food, wine and more.

New Zealand has so much to offer and making the most of getting off the beaten track is where experiences are just waiting for you to taste, touch, smell and hear.


New Zealand has taken the idea of accommodation to a whole new dimension. From ultra modern hotels to farm stays, freedom camping, B&B at a real family summer holiday home and a simple shepherd’s hut in the Alps.

  • We can help you find a B&B in the heart of the festivals of Dunedin, 5 star Hotel on the waterfront of Auckland, charter boats and yachts to sail the Bay of Islands, campervans and a room with a view of the snow covered alps, a rented house in Tasman bay, camping on the most picturesque lakeside to feeling like you are on top of the world sleeping under the stars.
  • It’s the small details that can make your stay either ok, great or unbelievably amazing – proximity to your business meetings or the local train station. A fridge stocked with fresh produce on your arrival to your villa, avoid ongoing hotel repairs outside your hallway, your needs for breakfast and facilities, your own outdoor cooking facilities by the pool at a beach house, Wi-Fi internet for business emails or simply having a bath and not a shower.

There is just so much on offer its hard to know where to look, and we make it our job to give you the best you deserve.

Tour guides

Sometimes just seeing a piece of art or architecture is not enough as behind it all, are the people, the stories and history that have created and influenced others in ways unbeknownst to us.

  • Fully customised Private guide tours available as and when you require.
  • Our guides are selected only from the very best to ensure your needs and interests are met with our high quality of service, passion and knowledge.
  • We have just the right multilingual expert guide for you whether it is art, history, culture, food and wine, fashion shopping, exploring areas of nature and so much more!
  • It’s about having that personality and relationship with your guide and their flexibility to work with your needs, not just the knowledge.
  • For history, sports, active outdoor guides, food and wine and many more interests, we have the right guided tour just for you.

Having your own private tour guide gives you the freedom of experiencing the places, the stories and history they have to tell, but at your pace and with your interest in mind.

Transport services

In making the most of your time in New Zealand, it is important to know exactly the timing of routes and all the possible ways to get from place to place whether Auckland to Wellington or driving around the countryside of the South Island.

  • From exclusive luxury cars, jets, helicopters, skippered yachts and boats, ferries, luxury transport with a multilingual drivers or self-drive rentals, or simply just local trains and transportation, we can meet your needs & budget.
  • Need a campervan and need to know where you can park it for the night? We know how to create the itinerary according to sightseeing as well as travelling times.
  • Even just local transport knowledge for budget travellers who needs a train from Christchurch to Queenstown.
  • Airport transfers
  • We know all the ins and outs so we can find just what you need to fit your needs and budget.

We select only the very best private reliable professional services for you as well as knowing all the great money saving options when it comes to trains, buses, ferries, self drive options and public services. In this way, we can bring all that together to suit the style and budget you have.

Food and beverage

New Zealand is a melting pot of different cultures and under one land, there are many different cuisines available, both as traditional and also contemporary.

Kiwis love their fish in chips with a bottle of wine at the beach, fresh sushi, Mediterranean, Italian Greek Spanish, Asian to good old kiwi farm home style meals.

  • Wine tasting – New Zealand has some of the top wine makers in the world, so don’t miss out on following the wine trails from Waiheke island, Hawkes Bay to Marlborough and beyond. A lunch with fresh mussels the size of your hands with a nice glass of white sauvignon blanc on a yacht in Marlborough sounds or cheese tasting with an Otago pinot nior red wine
  • Fresh produce farmer’s markets – Knowing where the markets are and on what day of the week is the pleasure of enjoying local artisan cheese makers, freshly made white bait, local wines and the live music, all while you shop for your local fresh produce.
  • Maori hangi cooking – this traditional underground cooking is all about slow cooking and having a good time. Experiencing Maori culture is also about getting your fingers stuck in and having a smile on your face.
  • Picnic at the beach – every Kiwi does it and so why shouldn’t you? Freshly caught fish and large sweet potato kumara chips with a bottle of wine is the best way to enjoy the evening at the beach.
  • Oysters and seafood – with such a big coastline, there is no wonder New Zealand is rich in seafood, from Bluff mussels just off the boat, Kaikoura crayfish from a roadside caravan, to fishing for your own to cook that night.
  • Cooking lessons – A private chef in the comfort of your own beachside holiday home, cooking lessons at a winery, to a campfire on the top of a rugged mountain looking over a glacier, or in the thermal springs in the shoreline of a lake. Kiwis really know how to share a thing or two over a good meal.
  • Restaurants and eating – whatever your taste is, New Zealand has the original and its own version. Some of the top chefs are coming back home to New Zealand after working and running their own restaurants around the world from London to New York.

The quality is second to none and the tastes just leave you wanting more.

Things To Do

If there is any country in the world that has it all under one roof, then New Zealand would be up there. You might say it isn’t as old as Europe, but what it doesn’t have in one department, it makes up in another.

The Maori culture is steep in traditions, art, and sculpture while the first white New Zealanders also brought with them the European arts, crafts and traditions along the multitude of following peoples. Together, they have moulded a modern artistic blend and is being recognised worldwide.

We always have to update ourselves on what is available as something new and amazing is being thought up by these adventurous Kiwis.

  • Art and Sculpture – from the exhibitions and art in the Te Papa Museum, to the mind blowing modern art exhibition of Gibbs farm, art gallery cafes in Dunedin to the Maori Marae villages all over New Zealand, there is always something to take your fancy.
  • Music in the parks – throughout the summer there is always a festival, winery concerts or free evening concerts of music for you and your family.
  • Adventure and sports – Queenstown is capital of the world when it comes to outdoor adventure and extreme sports. Skiing and snowboarding in Queenstown, bungy jumping off Skippers Canyon, caving in Waitomo, sky diving over Auckland, scuba diving in Bay of Islands, mountain biking the Southern Alps, jet boating the Shotover, rafting the Wairoa, snowboarding Mount Ruapahu, heli skiing and so much more.
  • Cruise and boating trips – Doubtful and Milford Sounds hold some of the most spectacular views whilst even the interisland ferry between the South and North Island is breathtaking.
  • Kayaking and camping – what an adventure as you kayak and camp around the sea coast Tasman bays in the South Island. Stingrays, dolphins and seals all swimming playfully around with you.
  • Nature and wildlife – New Zealand has so much to offer whether it is tramping the spectacular Milford track, to night walks, to search for kiwis, penguins, whale watching or swimming with dolphins. Explore one of the thousands of bike/walking tracks that cover all of New Zealand.
  • Maori Experience – visit a local marae to experience the cultural activities of local maori people where you can see their dance, haka, underground oven hangi, carvings to local artwork.
  • Golf and Luxury – New Zealand has some of the most spectacular golf courses and combined with some amazing lodges with location and services to suit.
  • Sailing, yachts and charter boats – with the 3rd longest coastline in the world for one of the smallest countries, Kiwis love their boats. There are so many different options when it comes to enjoying the sea and beach life that New Zealand has to offer.

When it comes to outdoor adventure, then there is nowhere in the world like New Zealand. From extreme sports to outdoor activities, fishing and game hunting to pleasure interests like swimming with dolphins, then this is the place for you.

Map of New Zealand

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