Barcelona is vibrant City just waiting for you to explore its various districts, culture, history, cuisine and so much more.

It is not just the sights, but the people who make this magical city come to life whether it is for that more coffee to the night when life seems to come to life again in a whole new way. Experiencing the cuisine of Barcelona is so important as it is a melting pot that takes on a life of its own as the sun drops and the lights turn on. Enjoy the simple things from local markets to the people watching as you have a glass of Cava and explore the tapas.

Architecture here is one of a kind and Gaudi is the king here where he is at nearly every corner from the Cathedral la Sagrada Familia to Park Guell. VIP entrances to skip the lines and take the views from the Dome is amazing.

This is a city we live in and love and we love to take you off the beaten track to see it as we do… Locals.

Live it like a Local


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