Live it like a local

Weka Travel has been founded on one guiding principle: deliver authentic and immersive journeys that bring people, countries and cultures to life for you and those you travel with on your grand adventure.

Our point of difference is the passion with which we share these rich and diverse experiences from a locals perspective. Our guides are citizens of the world, living and breathing the cultures you visit.

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Experience Local

Traveling to a country where the language, culture and people are different can be a challenge. We are here to bridge the gap, offering local knowledge and cultural insight. With a keen sense of fun, we will guide you through your journey. All our Guides and Local Hosts are hand-picked for their personalities and their passion for sharing their countries’ historical places and the people that have shaped it.


Home Dining with locals
Cooking lessons with local chefs
Have a friend to show you around
Farm stays
Winery stay
Stay in villages away from the mainstream tourists


See Local

Weka Travel has spent years travelling and exploring destinations and built extensive networks of people, places and experiences that go beyond the normal tourist fair. Whatever your wish list, we endeavour to add value with unique events, opportunities and experiences that will dovetail into your wish list.

Location and making sure your place of stay gives you access to be a part of the local life. Step out of your door and be a part of the local markets, shops, restaurants and daily routines of the people and culture.

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