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Italy is the dream holiday destination for people all over. Just the thought of Italy inspires a magical journey of food, wine, culture, natural beauty, art and history. Truth is, it is all that and more!

When you travel through Italy, you’ll find a stunning country made up of very diverse and unique towns: rich in history, people, gastronomy, culture, beauty and so much more. No one town or place is the same as the other. Italy is more than just the eternal city of Rome and the Colosseum, pizza and Pompeii, Florence and Art, Tuscany and Wine, Venice and gondolas, and the Vatican and Michelangelo.

Holidaying in Italy opens your eyes to so many amazing experiences

From the untouched beaches of Puglia, following the footsteps of ancient Romans who have influenced our lives even today, truffles and wine in Piemonte, skiing the Alps of the Dolomites, fresh cheese in Pienza and exploring the magical city of Venice or boating the lakes of Como

Trek the picturesque cliff top towns of Cinque Terre, indulge the art in Florence, relax in the thermal areas of Tuscany and sip a glass of Brunello wine. Get caught up in the excitement of Siena’s Palio world famous horse race or take a yacht from your rented villa in Amalfi coast to Capri island.

Take a walk back 2000 years in time through the ancient Roman city of Pompeii, island hop on a yacht in Sardinia, fill your glass from the fountains which turn water to wine for the harvest festivals of Castelli Romani or bask in the atmosphere of Italian life as it passes by the piazza in front of us.

Italy captures the imagination of those who venture out to explore off the beaten track where experiences are just waiting for you to taste, touch, smell and hear. No other place in the world can take even the simple pleasures of life and create such masterpieces.


Italy has whatever you need for budget, from the very luxurious 5 star to the Agriturismo villa in Tuscany, but you have to know where to look.

  • We can find it so you just have to put up your feet and enjoy the view
  • A rustic villa with a swimming pool in Tuscany, a skippered yacht in Sardinia, 3 star B&B with a view in Positano Amalfi, a 5 Star luxury Hotel with a roof terrace cocktail bar in Rome, a beach house in Puglia, a Hotel in Milan with all your business needs and well connected for your meetings, to a room with a view in Florence.
  • It’s the small details that can make your stay either ok, great or unbelievably amazing: a lift in Venice, the view of the Colosseum from your bedroom in Rome, a fridge stocked with fresh produce on your arrival to your apartment, avoiding ongoing hotel repairs outside your hallway, your needs for breakfast and facilities, proximity to the centre of Florence, your own outdoor cooking facilities by the pool in Tuscany villa, Wi-Fi internet for business emails or simply avoiding unknown hotel taxes on your bill.

We make it our job to give you the best you deserve.

Tour guides – bringing places to life…

Sometimes just seeing a piece of art or architecture is not enough as behind it all, are the people, the stories and history that have created and influenced others in ways unbeknownst to us.

  • Fully customised private guide tours available as and when you require.
  • Our guides are selected only from the very best to ensure your needs and interests are met with our high quality of service, passion and knowledge.
  • We have just the right multilingual expert guide for you whether it is art, history, culture, food and wine, fashion shopping, exploring areas of nature and so much more!
  • It’s about having that personality and relationship with your guide and their flexibility to work with your needs, not just the knowledge.
  • For history, sports, active outdoor guides, food and wine and many more interests, we have the right guided tour just for you.
  • No waiting in lines – we know the ways to make sure you don’t wait in line like other tourists.

Having your own private tour guide gives you the freedom of experiencing the places, the stories and history they have to tell, but at your pace and with your interest in mind.

Transport services

In making the most of your time in Italy, it is important to know exactly the timing of routes and all the possible ways to get from place to place.

In this way, we can bring all that together to suit the style and budget you have.

  • From exclusive luxury cars, jets, helicopters, skippered yachts and boats, ferries, luxury transport with multilingual drivers or self-drive rentals, or local trains and transportation, we can meet your needs and budget.
  • Even just local transport knowledge for budget travellers who needs a train from Rome to Venice or a bus to a ski field.
  • Airport transfers
  • How long does it take to walk from your hotel to the Metro station in Rome or get across town to a meeting in Milan? We make it our job to know.

We select only the very best private reliable professional services for you as well as knowing all the great money saving options when it comes to trains, buses, ferries and public services.

Food and beverage

Centred at the heart of Italy is the food and beverage and taking full advantage of this is the key to experiencing the real tastes with the real people of Italy.

  • Wine tasting – in the underground wine cellars beneath Tuscany’s Montepulicano or in a boutique Chianti Tuscan winery.
  • Food and wine festivals – all throughout the year, villages and regions across Italy have the most amazing food and wine festivals. Strawberries, mushrooms, truffles, grapes, pasta, chocolate, gelato, fish, artichokes, turning water into wine out of a free fountain, medieval festivities and so much more. Each has their own festival where the centres of villages and towns turn into a dining table for all.
  • Artisan beer – Italy not only produces amazing wine, but some amazing beers. There are local micro breweries everywhere and if you love a beer in the summer sun, then Italy has it for you too.
  • Fresh produce markets – here is the secret of Italian cooking. Knowing where the markets are and on what day of the week. From the Italian mamma to the restaurant chefs, this is where slow cooking takes its roots.
  • Truffle hunting – in the valleys of Tuscany before learning to cook your own Italian lunch.
  • Wine maker – be hands and feet on in an experience of the wine harvesting.
  • Life in Italy – revolves around food and wine, cheese and a glass of Chianti wine whilst watching the world go around in Il Campo Siena.
  • Cheese making – learn to make your own cheese in Pienza or Puglia. A traditional mozzarella or ricotta.
  • Olive oil – experience the extra virgin olive oil or the variety of olives from around Italy.
  • Cooking lessons – A private chef in the comfort of your own Agriturismo villa in Tuscany or a cooking school on the canals of Venice. The real experience of Italian cooking is hands-on where you can experience simple techniques handed down generation after generation.
  • Restaurants and eating – an interactive time for friends, family with Italy’s local staff and chefs.

We know the places where you can experience the real local culinary that cannot be found in a guide book.

Culture, Art and Activities

From an active adventure, a food and wine lover, an artist admirer, those passionate about sport to those that just love to relax and take it all in while watching from a café in the piazza of Verona.

  • Renaissance and wine – explore the villas, boutique wine makers, and mouth watering food experiences just outside Rome where popes, kings, and emperors have wine and dined since the days of ancient Rome.
  • Art and sculpture – from Rome to Florence to the smallest fortified hilltop towns, this country has so much to see and offer everyone regardless of interest. Off the beaten track, you can experience modern restorers of ancient art and sculpture.
  • Entrance tickets – skip the lines of the Uffizi to experience a private viewing of the Vasari corridor, visit to the Bone church, or avoid the lines of tourists at the Vatican or Colosseum. VIP entrances we have.
  • Italian Artists – Michelangelo , Leonardo da Vinci, Caravaggio to Raphael are everywhere in our view of Italian art, speculate the simple thnigs like the Lion head doorknob in Venice, to the pastel coloured plaster flaking of the 18th century villa to the cobbled stones of Rome.
  • History and Archaeology – walk the ancient walls of Rome which once held out the invading Hannibal and his elephants, skip the lines of the Colosseum and Vatican, explore the pre Roman tombs of the Etruscans, the city of Pompeii as it stands still in time, bicycle the ancient Roman road of Appian way or just the best place for a coffee whilst watching the world go by in Piazza Navona.
  • Active Adventures – ski the Alps, cycle or bike in Tuscany, trek the hills of Tuscany, sail in Sardinia, kayak the grand canal, go rafting in Umbria or ballooning in the Tuscan morning. Hit the golf courses of Modena (home to Lamborghini and Ferrari – want to take a spin?), or ride a horse in the hills of Tuscany and finish the day with a picnic and view of the towers of San Gimignano.
  • World famous horse race – Siena Palio race is something not to be missed. The culture of Siena revolves deeply around the race in Il Campo and it’s easy to see why you can get so wrapped up in the excitement.

Regardless of what your interest is, desire to do or see, we can find it and make it happen just for you.

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