ONE MAJOR DIFFERENCE between Weka and Traditional Travel agents

  • We are charging a fixed fee for the travel planning so that our interest is NOT to Get the HIGHEST PRICE for services and get larger commission but get clients the best deal which means passing savings onto them.
  • This is huge as it creates a major trust between clients and Weka.
  • We are free to do and find the best deals and when possible pass on any commission/savings that would be normally given to us to the agent


  • Our Travel planning fee is a Set fee based on the duration and number of travellers, which is unlike traditional travel agents who are out to get the highest price and more commission.
  • One set Fee means you know exactly in black n’ white our charges and you are getting the best deals for your money.
  • As Weka is getting the set fee our priority is not getting the most expensive services, but getting you the best deals based on your needs and budget. We work for you.

How It Works

Maybe you've never worked with a personal travel planner before, and maybe you have. Either way, we're happy to explain how the process works so you know exactly what to expect.


In this phase you'll work together with one of our personal travel planners to create the vision for your trip.

Where do you Want to Go?

We'll start the inspiration, interests and goals for the trip then add in a touch of our first-hand knowledge of your chosen destination.

Not sure where you want your travels to take you? No problem. We'll bounce around ideas and create a basic itinerary for you with potential dates and places to stay, as well as give you an idea of the unique travel experiences we can provide along the way.

Once you've satisfied that we know our stuff, we'll ask you for a small non-refundable deposit so we can push forward and lay the framework for your trip.


Taking the vision and creating the building blocks of your holiday.

Now We're Getting Somewhere...

We'll help to work out just the right pace for your trip and provide you with different accommodation, transportation routes and pricing options to choose from for each leg of the journey. Of course we'll make our recommendations but the final choices are up to you.

Once you've decided on your dates and basic itinerary, we’ll collect a confirmation deposit (up to 50% of our final fee) and begin the process of making bookings and payments.


In this phase we'll fill out your itinerary with the good stuff - what you're going to be doing each day. Think: excursions and guided tours, food and drink, scenery, sights and self-tour options - whatever suits your fancy.

Filling in the details

Then we'll finalize the rest of your travel plans down to the last little details and make those final advance payments for the elements of your trip that require them.

Once you're happy with the finished product, we'll collect the balance of our travel planning fee and send you a confirmed and finalized electronic version of your itinerary with all the accompanying documentation.

Now all that's left for you to do is start counting down the days until take off.


This is the phase you've been waiting for. Enjoy your personalized trip and rest assured we'll be there to support you every step of the way.

The fun really begins!

We'll keep a close eye on you during your travels and we're 100% committed to supporting you each step of the way.

No matter where you are, we're never further than an email or phone call away and we're happy to help you with whatever you need. Although you're in holiday mode, we don't stop working for you!

We also appreciate your feedback, so feel free to let us know at any time what you loved about your trip and what you think we need to take another look at working to get you discounted rates for local services like hotels and guided city tours or transfers. As Weka is getting the set fee, our priority is not getting the most expensive services, but getting you the best deals based on your needs and budget.

We know that in order to entrust us with your travel planning needs, you need to be sure we know our stuff. That's why we start by looking at the dynamics of your needs, then give you some basic itinerary and budget ideas. Once you're satisfied that you’re in good hands, we ask for a partial deposit on our Travel Planning Fee so that we can really get rolling on creating your ideal itinerary.

For more information on money matters, please take a look at our Payments section.

We remove all the stress. Your only job is to make the most of your unique holiday experience.

For us, the key thing is spending the time understanding what your perfect holiday would look like, what do you want to do, where do you want to stay and how you wish to travel.

Its not just seeing the main spots, but immersing yourself in a place, getting behind the scenes and away from the touristy spots. We want to give people an opportunity to see the places that we live, breathe & enjoy everyday, no matter what the budget is.

No two holidays are alike and we make sure yours is tailored to capture that once in a lifetime experience that ticks all the boxes as you live like a local.

Our Points Of Difference

  • Fixed Travel planning fees - Our priority is getting you the best deals based on your budget and needs. Through our own local networks, Weka customers benefit from preferential savings and discounts for locals. We agree on the fixed fee once we’re clear so you know exactly what you’re getting for your money.
  • 100% Independence and Tailor Made - No tour is the same and you are also unique. Designed from the ground up combined with our vast location knowledge, Weka will save you valuable time & stress.
  • Peace of Mind – One point of contact from design, bookings & local support during your trip until you reach home. Seamless travel with no hidden costs and full flexibility lets you enjoy your holiday with confidence.
  • Can’t be found on the Internet – We understand your expectations, giving you the best kept secrets, local tips and hidden gems while avoiding the tourist traps
  • Our own Local Teams – Local hosts, like a friend, will be there with you along
    the way. Private drivers and transportation solutions
    from airport/city transfers to day trips and more.

Our Services:

  • Full Travel Planning - With 100% customised independent holidays
  • Single Services - If you need just a tour guide, private transfers, a villa in Tuscany, flights worldwide, a train in Italy or a boutique hotel in Paris or if you would like to go fly fishing in New Zealand
  • Weka City Guided Walks – Our own tour guides handpicked VIP access entrances
  • Weka Cruise Shore Excursions – Our own drivers and tour guides in each port
  • Private Transfers – Airport/City transfers and day trips
  • Flights – We have a unique ability to look beyond the normal avenues to get the best deals, be it world trips, international or just domestic flights.
  • Store’n’Tour Solution – Between flights, cruise holidays or any situation where you have your luggage and time to spare. We make this another great day to explore rather than a lost travel day.

Schools - Educational - Interest - Sports

Whether you are a high school, yoga, art, culinary or sports group with the dream of going to our destinations, then we are just the right travel planner for you.

We are dedicated in providing personalized tours for any group large or small. Taking your requirements and ideas of the sights and places to visit, we can turn your tour of New Zealand, Italy or Spain from an itinerary into a journey full of personal touches that meet the needs of each and every person in your group.

We currently have varying group sizes of 5 to 150 and from around the world, that we run yearly trips for. We plan, organise and manage their school, university, sports group and special interest groups. We have staff in the destination countries and we can provide any of the services that you require.

Travel with total freedom and peace of mind knowing we have taken care of all your needs.

  • Group leaders - take the hassle out of finding your way around Italy by having a personal group leader who knows the local language, sites, traditions and medical services.
  • Guided tours - take a group guided tour by an educated guide who is as interested in you as much as the places they take you to. Our guides are very skilled, so whether you have a large or a small group, you will receive a personalised experience.
  • Accommodation – we personally check out the hotels so we know if it suits your needs. From hotels to villas, resorts or residences, we will find something that is within budget but is to a standard worth remembering.
  • Sports and school facilities – we have ex-professional sports people on our staff, so we know how important it is to have the right facilities or equipment. For study groups, we make sure everything is provided from whiteboards to projectors and a room to study in. We speak the local language so nothing gets lost in translation.
  • Transportation – coaches, buses, trains, minibus, private cars, airport pickup, cruise ship day transportation or any type of transfer: we can make sure that you and your tour group are transported in style through the magical countryside of your destination.
  • Entrance tickets to sites – prebook with us to save precious time by skipping the long waits in lines.
  • Restaurants and meals – don’t let the usual bulk style group meals leave your group missing out on a real food experience! Instead using our local knowledge, enjoy meals that are within your budget but taste fit for a Roman Emperor and leave you with an appetite to try more …. Food and meals are one of the best parts of experiencing a new country and doesn’t have to be missed out on because of a limited budget.
  • Day trips – let us take you and your group away on a day trip to visit major attractions or explore places of interest untouched by tourism. We plan every detail for you so that your group can make the most of the limited time you may have.

When it comes to Corporate Business travel and events in foreign destinations, you need to know that every little detail of your travel and event have been taken care of by professionals so you can focus on your business.

Whether you need just one off business travel arrangements, organising your corporate travel, meeting or event, or need a professional Travel Planner to organise your monthly or yearly world travel needs, we are just the right personal Corporate Travel Planners for you and your business.

Travel with total freedom and peace of mind knowing we have taken care of all your needs.

Providing services

  • we give you exactly what you need and at the price that suits you based on our local knowledge and vast professional networks
  • our on-the-ground staff can carry out advance inspections for your event or hotel so you know it’s exactly what you need.

Single point of contact

  • accommodation, tour guides, transport solutions, food and beverage, sights and activities and more.
  • we are the sole point of reference before and during your travels.

Single point of payment

  • We can be the one point of payment for all suppliers, excursions, hotels, transport services and more. This saves you having to worry about what has or not been paid, and carrying more cash than is needed.

Hotel booking

  • It's all the little details that truly matter like location according to your meetings, access to business facilities, Wi-Fi and Internet, in-house restaurants and more.

Excursions and activities

  • team building events or activities. We know just where to find them for you.


  • private airport transfers, car and driver services, coaches and buses, trains and more.


  • we can solve potential roaming charges with mobile phone and data solutions for your existing smartphone or rental.

Multiple trips

  • We provide not only one off travel itineraries, but for those business travellers who constantly travel, we can provide our services at a monthly or yearly fixed fee.

Full travel itineraries

  • written in electronic form - there is no need for paperwork to clutter your briefcase.

24/7 support during your travel

  • When you need adjustments or have a change of plans, we are available by phone or email to quickly and efficiently carry out those alterations.

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