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Spain is the holiday destination for people who love sun, adventure, culture with a bit of wild excitement thrown in. Spain is rich in its variety of semi-autonomous regions which each having its own take on language, cuisines and cultures that never cease to amaze and surprise you. This all makes for the perfect independent travel experience.

Its history has been turbulent from its beginnings and some diverse mixtures of cultures have created a country of passion and richness combined with natural beauty. From the northern areas of Basque San Sebastian where the rolling hills dip into the surfing beaches, to the roar and gasps of spectators in the stadiums of Seville, the architecture of Madrid, Skiing in the Pyrenees, to the sun soaked coast of Malaga, and to the amazement you would find in Barcelona.

The food captivates you from tapas bars to paella, jamon hand sliced off the bone or the wine of La Rioja.

Activities include kite surfing, trekking, cycling, sailing in Valencia, or golfing in Costa de sol. From the Atlantic northern coast to the south Mediterranean, it holds ever vivid flavour you can imagine. It is full of so many amazing and vivid experiences.

When you holiday in Spain, you will find so many off the beaten track experiences to taste, touch, smell and hear.


Spain can cater to whatever your budget is, and compared to other parts of Europe, it is very good value for money. Modern to old alike, there is something for everyone and we make it our job to give you the best you deserve.

We can find it so you just have to put up your feet and enjoy the view

The B&B in the heart of the festivals of las Ramblas Barcelona, a room with a view of Gaudi’s Cathedral, the peace and tranquillity of a villa overlooking the Mediterranean coast, a 5 star luxury 17th Century Hotel in Madrid or simple 3 star Hotel in Valencia.

It is the small details that can make your stay either ok, great or unbelievably amazing: Proximity to your business meetings or the local train station, a fridge stocked with fresh produce on your arrival to your villa, avoiding ongoing hotel repairs outside your hallway, your needs for breakfast and facilities, your own outdoor cooking facilities by the pool in a Spanish villa, Wi-Fi internet for business emails or simply having a bath and not a shower.

Tour guides

Having your own private tour guide gives you the freedom of experiencing the places, the stories and history they have to tell, but at your pace and with your interest in mind.

Sometimes just seeing a piece of art or architecture is not enough as behind it all is the people, the stories and history that have created it and influenced us in ways we have no idea.

  • Fully customised Private guide tours available as and when you require.
  • Our guides are selected only from the very best to ensure your needs and interests are met with our high quality of service, passion and knowledge.
  • We have just the right multilingual expert guide for you whether it is art, history, culture, Food & wine, fashion shopping, exploring areas of nature and so much more!
  • It’s about having that personality and relationship with your guide and their flexibility to work with your needs, not just the knowledge.
  • For History, sports, active outdoor guides, food & wine and many more interests, we have the right guided tour it just for you.
  • No waiting in lines – we know the ways to make sure you don’t wait in line like other tourists.

Transport services

In making the most of your time in Spain, it is important to know exactly the timing of routes and all the possible ways to get from place to place whether Madrid to Barcelona or driving around the countryside.

We select only the very best private reliable professional services for you as well as knowing all the great money saving options when it comes to trains, buses, ferries and public services.

In this way, we can bring all that together to suit the style and budget you have.

  • From exclusive luxury cars, jets, helicopters, skippered yachts and boats, ferries, luxury transport with a multilingual drivers or self-drive rentals, or local trains and transportation, we can meet your needs and budget.
  • Even just local transport knowledge for budget travellers who needs a train from Seville to Valencia or a bus to the beach.
  • How long does it take to walk from your hotel to the Metro station in Barcelona or get across town to a meeting in Madrid? We make it our job to know.
  • Airport transfers
  • We know all the ins and outs so we can find just what you need to fit your needs and budget.

Food and beverage

Like most Mediterranean countries, food and beverage is what makes Spain go around. Experience the real tastes with the real people of Spain.

  • Wine tasting – Explore the vast diverse wines of Spain whether the zesty whites of Basque, the oak aged reds in la Rioja.
  • Fresh produce markets – Knowing where the markets are and on what day of the week is the pleasure of having fresh fish from the boat and fruit from the local farmers. The vibrant markets start the day off with excitement of what is to come for the rest of the day.
  • Jamon – see how the world’s best ham is created in Extremadura. Visit the farms where wild pigs are fed on acorns before learning the artisan process that creates this delicious delight.
  • Wine maker – be hands and feet on in an experience of the wine harvesting.
  • Cheese making – take a walk into the caves above Picos de Europe in the north to see how this handmade gourmet blue cheese is made from cows, sheep and goats’ milk.
  • Olive oil – experience the extra virgin olive oil or the variety of olives with a local farmer on an olive grove in Spain.
  • Cooking lessons – A private chef in the comfort of your own villa in San Sebastian or a cooking school of Alicante. How about learning what really goes into Paella? Spanish Cooking is full of fire, flavour and colour so make sure you learn these techniques to impress your family back home.
  • Restaurants and eating – a time of fun with friends and family in Spain. It is about starting late and enjoying it as long as you can.

Culture, Art and Activities

Spain is intensively full of so much that it can cater to everyone and their idea of a holiday. Sometimes forgotten by others for what it has to offer, we know there is so much to explore.

From an active adventure, a food & wine lover, an artist admirer, those passionate of sport to those that just love to relax and take it all in while watching from a café in the piazza of Barcelona.

Regardless of what your interest is, desire to do or see, we can find it and make it happen just for you.

  • Art & Sculpture – from the architecture masterpieces of Gaudi in Barcelona, the wildness of Salvador Dali, to the eccentric Pablo Picasso there is something for everyone.
  • Entrance Tickets – whether you need advance tickets to Gaudi’s house Casas Ballo, or the Sagrada Familia church with UNESCO status. We know just the places to get them for you.
  • History and Architecture – Even the Romans where here and the Emperor Hadrian was in fact Spanish. Exploring the preserved ancient city of Baelo Claudia with its backdrop of the Andalusian coast to walking the roman walls of Lugo. Climb the towers of the medieval fortress turned fairytale castle Alcazar of Segovia.
  • Flamenco – of course there is the normal touristy shows available, but the real Flamenco is the spontaneous shows of dancer and local guitar that take place in bars and plazas. We know just the spots.
  • Active Adventures – Sun & Ski in the same day in Sierra Nevada , bicycling or scooters through the medieval whitewashed villages in Andalucia , Trekking the pilgrim walks across El Camino de Santiago, , Sailing in Valencia , Surfing and paddle boarding in San Sebastian, Golfing the huge variety of quality golf courses throughout Spain, or Scuba Diving the Mediterranean. Whatever is your game, we can find just the right place for you.
  • World famous Tomato throwing festival – The Tomatina in Bunol is something of a fantasy of the many and is getting so popular that it’s getting harder to take part in, so now is the time to let rip and hurl a tomato at each other.
  • Running of the Bulls – this is not for faint hearted as Pamplona becomes a beacon for those wishing to show how brave they really are. To know where to stand in the comfort and protection always makes life a little safer for those that are not keen to run the run against the bulls.

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