Vatican Museum, Sistine Chapel

Tour Description:

Explore the Colosseum and Ancient centre of the Roman world, the Palatine Hill and Roman Forum.
Avoid the Long Lines with our VIP entrances.
The world’s smallest state has the largest and greatest museum and holds some of the world’s finest art. Our guides take you exploring history, art, religion and politics revealing the secrets behind these artists and masterpieces many of which were commissioned by the Catholic Church. Once considered the continuation of the Roman Empire the Church was a major influence in the world of culture, religion and art. From Michelangelo’s painting techniques and the restoration of the Sistine chapel, Raphael’s frescos, the gallery of Maps and Tapestry and to Roman and Greek Art and Sculpture, our guides give you an opportunity to understand and explore this vast collection.

Michelangelo’s Sistine chapel is a place to reflect and with an insight into the artist’s art, you have the chance to touch not only the hand of God, but also the world of a master artist. The centuries of construction, restoration, decoration, and collecting that make up these palaces, apartments, museum and chapels should not be passed by.

Constantine commissioned the first Basilica of St Peter on the site where the apostle Peter was martyred by the emperor Nero in 324 AD. This amazing and grand St Peter’s church completed in 1626 after well over 100years of construction and various design adaptations such as Raphael’s lengthening and Michelangelo’s Dome. St Peter’s architecture is an art form in a category of its own. We take you through an inside history of artists’ secrets and knowledge where perception of height and length is challenged and you will be awed learning the hidden truths we reveal.

Come explore with us.

Tour Itinerary:


  • Private Tour Guide
  • Duration 3hours
  • Vatican Museum
  • Sistine Chapel
  • VIP Entrance tickets
  • St Peters Basilica – subject to opening

WHO WANTS IT: Bring it to life for all.
DURATION:   3 hours
PACE: Moderate – wear comfortable shoes..
START TIME:  When you decide! Morning or Afternoon  -ask us for the best times
MEETING POINT:  We will send you directions or if you prefer we can pick you up at your hotel.
TICKETS: VIP entrance tickets included to avoid the long waits.

  • See the hidden sights that most tourists simply don’t see or miss.
  • GUIDED Walk just for you with the best Guides whom are carefully selected.
  • Being a Private tour means all our attention is just for you and for us it is about bringing it to life for you in a way you can relate to.
  • Children are welcome as we love to make them feel a part of this adventure.
  • Exploring the Vatican Museum, and bringing it to life with the stories, beginnings, people and life.
  • There is so much to see before you arrive to the Sistine Chapel and we can take you to see the art, sculptures that  are the very best suited and bring to life not only the art but the artists and those that commissioned them.
  • The Sistine Chapel simply takes your breath away and knowing the meaning behind Michelangelos masterpiece is worth taking the time.
  • From here and depending on availability, we take a special side entrance into St Peters Basilica so you can avoid the lone lines.

FLEXIBILITY:  This is your day so it’s all about you and we can adapt to your interests within reason. If you wish to visit a different museum or sights instead of those listed, please send us a request. If you have any other places of interest that you may want to visit, we are able to quote those as additional cost to your tour. T

his is a day where you get to really see not only the sights, but what it is like to live, breath and taste the world of the Vatican.

Meet the Real Vatican.

Additional Information:


Every day, except 25th December and first Sunday of each month

Things to Bring & Note

Walking is a part of this trip, so please bring comfortable shoes. Bring a bottle of water and sunscreen during the summer time. A smile.

Terms and Conditions

1. Maximum depends on number of people in your Group of friends and Family. JUST for you. 2. Minimum Participates 1 at cost of 2pax. 3. Included Entrance to Museums and Places of Interest subject to Opening Times/days and availability of tickets. 4. Weka Travel reserves the right to revise or cancel any part of the tour due to acts of God, traffic delays, or last minute closures. See Terms and conditions for details on closures of Museums, cancellations, changes to Itinerary and other information.



  • We have a range of special vehicles that can handle anything including Wheelchair lifts.
  • Itinerary and Routes that allow wheelchair access
  • Don’t let a mobility requirement get between you and a good time as we love to help you enjoy your day

BOOK the Sistine Chapel Exclusively for your VIP group




Weka has the access to book special entrances and events just for you


Just for you!


up to you as it just for you and your friends & family.

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