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A New Way to travel …. We help you LIVE IT LIKE A LOCAL

It's very simple: We take all the stress & hassle out of Travel so you can sit back and Enjoy your holiday.

Who are we?
You travel to enjoy your time, explore, experience and feel a part of all that you wish to see, but sometimes there is so much information out there, it’s too hard to find out what is best and how to do it.
That’s where we come in… we are a team of like-minded travel professionals who life, breath and love with a passion the destinations that you wish to explore. Each of us share the same philosophy about travel and all have our own unique travel-life stories that helps bring together the best possible local knowledge just for you to tap into!

Why are we different?
We're also not your average travel agency, planning trips for places we've never visited from behind a desk on the other side of the world. We live, breathe and work in these locations every day, both as tour guides and travel planners, and this experience gives us an unique ability to truly create something just for you using our intimate local knowledge.
Our expertise covers not only what to do, but how to do it. We walk you through every step of your trip, connecting the dots in a way other travel companies don't or can’t.

No matter whether you are individuals, couples, business travellers, or educational and sports groups, nothing is too big or small for us. We have something just for you and

Our unique ability is not only to create holidays and tours for you, but to be there along the way in the destinations as and when you need us. 


Care & Service …It’s more than just giving you the best service. For us it’s much more. It is about going that extra mile, to take the care to think beyond what you are expecting so that your experience is that what we would expect to give our friends and family.

Trust … by eliminating commissions, there is no hidden costs and that means from our Travel planners, drivers to Tour guides, they are there for you and driven by passion and love of travel and not the money! you know where you stand with us every step along the way. No Hidden costs.

Real Experiences … each day for us is about living it like a local and we love to share that with you. There is so much more in each country than just the things you read about in a travel book. We take you off the beaten track so you can connect and feel a part of the with local cultures and people.

Flexibility … things are never the same for each person, and for that reason our tours & tailor-made holidays are all designed from the ground up to match your needs and flexible throughout your travels.

It's All About You … your holiday, interests, budget & needs using our local knowledge and expertise so you can truly experience each destination.

The Best & Seamless … all our travel experts are passionate about giving you the best of what is out there based on your needs and making sure that we have thought of everything little detail so that you can sit back and enjoy your holiday… Peace of Mind knowing you have got the best for you.


Travel Planner & Guide

Based in Europe & New Zealand. Joined Weka in: 2008. Areas of expertise: Italy, Europe & New Zealand


Travel Planner & Tour Guide

Based in Paris & France Joined Weka in 2013 Areas of expertise: Paris, France


Licenced Tour Guide

Explorer of Life's travels... living the dram in Italy Based in Italy & Europe. Joined Weka in: 2016. Areas of expertise: Italy & Europe


Tour Guide, Travel Planner & Driver

Based in Amalfi Coast, Italy. Joined Weka in: 2010. Areas of expertise: Italy. Interests: Travel , Food, Wine, Ecology and Music


Tour leader & Guide

Based in:    Italy and the U.S. Joined Weka in: 2012 Areas of expertise: Italy


Tour Guide

Based in Tuscany, Italy Joined Weka in 2010 Areas of Expertise: Tuscany


Tour Guide & Travel Planner

Based in Italy & Europe. Joined Weka in: 2003. Areas of expertise: Italy, Europe. Medieval and Renaissance Italy, especially in Florence and other Tuscany cities.


Travel Planner, Leader

Based in USA & Italy. Joined Weka in 2015. Areas of expertise: Europe & North Interests: Travel (not surprising), Writing, Food & Music


Travel Planner & Tour Guide

Based in: Basque Country, French south west coast & Spain Areas of expertise: Basque Country ( San Sebastian, Bilbao , Pamplona etc ) French Basque Country ( Biarritz, San Juan De Luz etc ) Spain and Portugal


Tour Guide

Based in: Italy Joined Weka in 2011 Areas of expertise - Italy, Naples, Amalfi and Rome


Tour Guide Rome & Vatican

Based in Rome, Italy. Joined Weka in: 2012. Areas of expertise: Rome, Vatican and Lazio Italy


Tour Guide Tuscany

Based in Tuscany, Italy Joined Weka in 2010 Areas of Expertise: Tuscany, Siena, Pienza, Florence


Name: Thierry Position: Travel Planner & Guide Based in: Paris Areas of expertise: Paris, France and Europe.

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