ONE MAJOR DIFFERENCE between Weka and Traditional Travel agents

  • We are charging a fixed fee for the travel planning so that our interest is NOT to Get the HIGHEST PRICE for services and get larger commission but get clients the best deal which means passing savings onto them.
  • This is huge as it creates a major trust between clients and Weka.
  • We are free to do and find the best deals and when possible pass on any commission/savings that would be normally given to us to the agent


  • Our Travel planning fee is a Set fee based on the duration and number of travellers, which is unlike traditional travel agents who are out to get the highest price and more commission.
  • One set Fee means you know exactly in black n’ white our charges and you are getting the best deals for your money.
  • As Weka is getting the set fee our priority is not getting the most expensive services, but getting you the best deals based on your needs and budget. We work for you.

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